• Continuous fin mold and Progressive die
  • Continuous fin mold and Progressive die
  • Continuous fin mold and Progressive die

Continuous fin mold and Progressive die

name: Continuous fin mold

Place of Origin :shanghai china

Stamping force:1.2 T

Row number:12

fin mold size: customized


Condenser fin mold

Continuous fin mold, also known as fin progressive die, is a die that is divided into several equidistant stations according to the workpiece being processed,
One or several basic stamping processes are set at each station to complete the processing of a part of the stamping workpiece.
The material to be processed shall be processed into strips of a certain width in advance, and a certain feeding method shall be adopted to feed one step at a time.
After punching one by one, a complete stamping workpiece is obtained.
In the ten pairs of progressive dies, blanking, bending, drawing, forming and other processes can be completed continuously.
No matter how complex the shape of the stamping part is and how many stamping processes are, it can be completed by stamping with a pair of Continuous fin mold and fin progressive dies.

Continuous fin mold factory
progressive die factory

Continuous fin mold Technical parameters 

  • Hole diameter: 9.53mm(3/8’’)
  • line number: 4 rows
  • Hole array:25*22mm
  • Fin width:87mm
  • Continuous production: Yes
  • Overall dimension:1050*240*220mm

Raw materials of Continuous fin mold

  • big mould plate is EN C45,
  • Small mould plate is Cr12MoV ,
  • Punching needle is SKH51,
  • Louver parts is SKH51,
  • Spring is 50CrVA,
Heat exchanger fins
Heat exchanger fins
continuous die video
Q: Can you make your progressive die according to my design

A: Yes, each of our molds is customized according to customer requirements

Q: What is the delivery time of your progressive die?

A: Our mold delivery time is 55-65 days

Q: What is your progressive die package?

A: Our molds are packed in wooden cases

Q: Which stamping machine is your mold suitable for?

A: Our dies are suitable for more than 90% of stamping machine,You can contact our engineer and provide pictures of your stamping machine

Fin progressive die of heat exchanger
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