• radiator head plate mold | Stamping die
  • radiator head plate mold | Stamping die

radiator head plate mold | Stamping die

Place of production :china

Processing customization: Yes

Name: stamping die

Machine used: stamping machine

Process: CNC, slow wire

Delivery time: 45 days

Stamping die according to customer requirements customized full size and various types,We are very professional in the stamping mold field of automobile radiator head plate

Our scope of service

  • Radiator head plate mold
  • intercooler head plate mould
  • Condenser head plate mould
  • Forming mould
  • Drawing die
  • Punching die
  • Cutting die
  • Drawing die for laminated evaporator

radiator Stamping die

Die application: it is used in cooling system parts, copper, aluminum, iron and other materials
Mold features: small size, fast stamping speed, high positioning accuracy, low price;
Mold requirements: customized according to customer requirements 

Our success stories

radiator head plate mold

punching die details

radiator stamping mold

Our processing equipment

radiator side plate mold

Our engineers

radiator mold factory

punching die can produce these parts

aluminum header

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