• radiator Roller fin machine

radiator Roller fin machine

Place of production :china

Feeding speed: 120 m / min

Thickness of aluminum foil: 0.04 ~ 0.30mm

Total power: 4.5-7.5kw

Equipment air source pressure: 0.6MPa

Total weight of equipment: 1.8 tons

Roller fin forming machine for make radiator condenser Intercooler Oil cooler

Brief introduction of fin forming machine

1. Our Roller fin forming machine is the key machine for processing radiators and condensers and intercoolers

2. Special processing equipment for heat transfer fins. The compact heat exchanger products with such heat transfer fins have been widely used in automobile, ship, air conditioner, compressor, engineering machinery, mining machinery, aviation, military industry and hydraulic oil cooling industry.

Roller fin forming machine can make these products

radiator core

3. Compared with similar products, our molding has the following advantages:

4. Stepless adjustment. It can realize stepless adjustment and break through the limitation of less gears of traditional mechanical speed regulation.

5. The structure is compact and easy to operate. The traditional structure is optimized to make the structure more reasonable and the operation more convenient.

6. High efficiency, low power consumption and stable performance. The improvement of precision, the reduction of wear and the optimization of structure make the overall efficiency of the machine tool improve and the performance is more stable.

7. Convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. The optimization of the structure makes the parts of the machine tool the most simplified, so that the maintenance is convenient and the maintenance cost is low.

Fin forming machine details

radiator Roller fin machine

Roller fin machine

radiator Roller fin

Our success stories

radiator Roller fin machine

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