Provide vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum brazing solder, undertake vacuum brazing processing, vacuum brazing technical advice.

Sharp tools make good work! Product quality is always the basis of enterprise survival. We can not only provide customers with high quality and stable performance of vacuum furnace products, but also employ senior technicians with many years of experience in the use of vacuum furnace, which can provide users with good process support in the use of vacuum furnace. This Studio provides vacuum brazing process and technology to solve all kinds of abnormal problems in the production process. It can help users to improve the qualified rate of products. Provide vacuum furnace and its spare parts.

1, 60% or 80%? What is the qualified rate of the first vacuum brazing of your vacuum oil powder and the second qualified rate??? At present, vacuum brazing seal oil radiator requires high pressure resistance and good heat dissipation. Some of them need to meet the requirements of hydraulic oil, torque converter oil, engine oil and other mixed cooling requirements. However, the qualified rate in the production process is not very ideal, which brings about repairs or reimbursement. After 20 years of in-depth study in practice, our studio has made new breakthroughs and brought the qualified rate of production to a new high. It is expected that the application of this technology will bring the present vacuum seal oil into a new era! It can also apply for patent. Cooperative radiator factory and aluminium material factory, please contact.

2. The company has strong technical strength, has engaged in product development for many years, the senior scholar and expert of the project, proficient in stainless steel oil cooler, aluminium oil cooler, aluminium oil disperser, aluminium water tank aluminium intercooler, copper water tank and other design technology, familiar with production process and manufacturing process control.

3. Technical target is 100%. According to the industry survey, the qualified productivity of enterprises is at the following level, which indicates that enterprises have certain production competitiveness. Otherwise, it needs to be improved.

1) The qualified rate of stainless steel oil cooler is 97%.

2) 80% of the aluminium oil coolers (few of them can be reached in China and few of them are foreign products, which are difficult to do in technology).

3) The aluminium oil radiator is less than 80%, which can be raised to more than 10 points by using the above technology.

4) 90% of the aluminium water tank;

5) 95% aluminium intercooler;

6) The second pass rate of copper water tank is 99%.

The qualified rate of enterprises is maintained at a certain level, that is to say, it has reached the limit point of promotion. Only breaking through this limit point can you bring a surprise to your interests. The smaller the promotion space, the greater the technical difficulty; but the pursuit is endless, with the pursuit of dreams, there is also a source of motivation. Believe our team, as long as we have a platform for cooperation, only unexpected, nothing can not be done! Looking forward to the success of cooperation with you!