• Hairpin bending machine for heat exchanger coil tube

Hairpin bending machine for heat exchanger coil tube

Tube wall: 0.1-0.8mm
Tube Diameter: φ5-18mm
Max tube length: 3800mm
Power Supply: AC380V, 50HZ
Bending drive: servo motor
Tube material: copper, aluminum

Machine Overview

This type of hairpin bending machine is a semi-automatic production mode. When workers put the pipe into the tool, the machine will automatically bend it into the shape of a hair clip, and then the machine will automatically push out the pipe

The bending power of this machine is driven by a servo motor, which saves 60% of power compared to the previous generation of machines and reduces machine noise by 38%

Engineers can freely set the forming time according to the process requirements when the machine bends the hairpin tube. The two sides of the bent hairpin tube are parallel, and it is inserted into the hole of the fin more smoothly

Hairpin bending machine data

1Tube wall0.1-0.8mm
2Tube Diameterφ5-18mm
3Tube bendingmax 8 pcs
4Max tube length3800mm
5Min tube length150mm
6Power SupplyAC380V, 50HZ
7Air Pressure0.4-0.6mpa
8Bending driveservo motor
9Tube materialcopper, aluminum
tube bending machine price

Characteristics of Hairpin Bending Machine

This machine is the latest generation of equipment, and its advantages over the previous generation of machines are very obvious

1, Servo motor drive,
Compared to equipment driven by hydraulic stations, this machine saves 60% of electricity consumption

2, Touch screen human-computer interaction
With advanced interactive systems, many functions are open to users, and engineers can freely control various parameters of the machine

3, Silent production
Because a hydraulic station does not drive the equipment, the hairpin bending machine hardly produces any noise, which is very friendly for both the workshop and workers

4, More settings
This machine can not only produce hair clip-type pipes but also produce pipes of various angles by setting the bending angle

automatic bending machine
tube bend machine

Hairpin bending machine working video


Q: Can this machine bend stainless steel pipes?

A: At present, it can only bend aluminum and copper metals.

Q: Can it produce L-shaped pipes?

A: It can produce L-shaped shapes, and the bending angle can be freely controlled.

Q: What brand is the touch screen of this machine?

A: This touch screen is 7 inches and its brand comes from Shenzhen, China.

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