• flaring machine For mechanical radiator

flaring machine For mechanical radiator

Place of production :china

Dimensions:2800 * 1450 * 1650

prime mover:Hydraulic or servo (Optional)

weight: 1.5T

Working size: customized

Delivery time: 45 days

1、 Purpose of equipment:

radiator flaring machine for All aluminum radiator and expansion machine for warm air are all aluminum radiator and warm air production line. The side plate, sealing rubber plate and end plate are connected together in the production line of all aluminum radiator and warm air. It makes the fixing of head plate, and sealing rubber plate with aluminum radiator and warm air all realize automation.

2、 radiator flaring machine Main features:

This machine for aluminum water tank has two operation modes: automatic control and manual control. The electric control system uses PLC (programmable logic controller) to control the whole process of the expansion, which is safe and reliable.

3、 Technical parameters

1. Quantity per production: 1 piece

2. Specification of aluminum tube: Φ 5 — Φ 12mm (optional)

3. Number of holes in each row: ≤ 20 holes (according to user requirements)

4. Processing time: 10-30 seconds

5. Motor power: 7.5kw

6. Hydraulic system pressure: 5-16mpa

7. Equipment dimension: 2800 * 1450 * 1650

8. Equipment weight: 1.5T

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radiator flaring machine
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