What’s the difference between car radiator and condenser

Functions of radiator

The radiator is specially used for the heat dissipation of the engine. The Du hot water flowing in the radiator is the circulating water from the engine of the automobile

The condenser is specially used for the cooling of automobile air conditioner in summer. The refrigerant of air conditioner is flowing inside.

The car condenser and radiator are actually the same thing, that is, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner at home. The condenser is called in written form, while the radiator is commonly called, which is used to dissipate heat during refrigeration.

Functions of condenser:

The automobile condenser cools and liquefies the high pressure and high temperature refrigerant (gaseous refrigerant) from the compressor.

The condenser will release the heat obtained by the refrigerant from the air passing through the evaporator. This will be completed by the air flow when the vehicle is moving and the air flow created by the cooling fan.

It is a condensation process, so it is called condenser. Condensation is also a process of heat dissipation.

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The necessity of condenser is based on the second law of thermodynamics – according to the second law of thermodynamics, the spontaneous flow direction of heat energy in Dao part of closed system is unidirectional, that is,

it can only flow from high heat to low heat. In the micro world, the micro particles carrying heat energy can only change from order to disorder.

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Therefore, when a heat engine has energy input to do work, there must also be energy release downstream. In this way, there will be a gap between the upstream and downstream, the flow of heat energy will become possible, and the cycle will continue.

If you want the load to do work again, you must first release the heat that is not completely released, and then you need to use the condenser. If the surrounding heat is higher than the temperature in the condenser, in order to make the it cool down,

it is necessary to do artificial work (generally speaking, using a compressor). The condensed fluid will return to the state of high order and low heat energy, and work can be done again.

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