What is fin machine

There are several different types of fin machine,Stamping type ,Roller type and continuous mold production types ,

These fin machines are widely used in ships, automobiles, aerospace, industrial cooling, oil and other industries

Stamping type fin machine,It usually produces iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, etc
The thickness of raw materials is about 0.03-0.5mm, and the maximum width is 450mm,Some custom machines can produce larger wide sizes

Roller type fin machine,It mainly produces aluminum and copper materials, It is usually used to produce automobile parts, condensers, radiators, evaporators, intercoolers, etc. Because of its fast production speed, it is widely used

continuous mold production machine ,It mainly produces air-conditioning condensers, industrial heat exchangers and large coolers ,Its application fields are also very many

Heat exchanger production line

Stamping type fin machine characteristic

The maximum width of this fin machine is 300mm or 450mm, It can produce multiple small-sized fins at the same time, with a production speed of 144 times per minute, Different types of fins can be manufactured by changing the mold, Changing tools can produce fins of different height size,For example, serrations, waves, straight lines, louvers, etc, This is a necessary machine for some factories manufacturing heat exchangers and oil coolers

Roller type fin machine characteristic

Its production speed is very fast, and it can produce 120 meters of raw materials per minute
The production quality is very stable. The roller and the machine are designed separately, and the roller can be replaced independently. There is no error in the length of the fin produced by setting the parameters of the machine,

continuous mold production Fin machine characteristic

High speed Heat exchanger fin punching machine is a special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance. The slider is designed with long guide circuit and equipped with slider balance device to ensure the precision and stability of operation.

continuous mold production Fin machine

All anti-wear components are equipped with electronic timing automatic lubrication system. In case of lack of lubricating oil, the press will stop automatically. Advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of slider running and stopping. Can match any automatic production demand, improve production efficiency, reduce costs.

High speed Heat exchanger fin punching machine is widely used in small precision parts such as precision electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, auto parts, Mada stator and rotor.

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