Why vacuum furnace needs to be vacuumized before heating

vacuum furnace heating

vacuum furnace heating The aluminum core is put into the vacuum box to vacuumize the gas components that can be extracted from the material of the workpiece.

If the workpiece is heated first, the gas will expand when heated. Due to the excellent sealing performance of the vacuum furnace tank, 

the huge pressure generated by the expansion gas may cause the toughened glass of the observation window to burst.

This is a potential danger. This danger can be avoided by following the procedure of vacuum furnace heating.


vacuum furnace pump

If the procedure of heating first and then vacuuming is followed,  when the heated air is pumped out by the vacuum pump,

  1.  the heat will inevitably be carried to the vacuum pump,  which will lead to the high temperature rise of the vacuum pump, which may reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.


2. The heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, which produces a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the temperature range specified by the vacuum pressure gauge, the indication error of the vacuum pressure gauge may occur.


3.  The correct use method should be first vacuumized and then heated. After reaching the rated temperature, if it is found that the vacuum degree has decreased, the pump should be added properly. It is beneficial to extend the service life of the equipment.

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