Horizontal injection machine

Used Horizontal injection machine

Place of production :Famous brand

Customer customization:yes

Status: 95% NEW


Warranty period: 1 year


Used Horizontal injection machine


Machine details:

Machine location: China

Machine packing: wooden case

Application environment:

Aviation, furniture, kitchen supplies, personal goods, toys, auto parts, home appliances, school supplies, mobile phones, computers, various fields

Injection system:

PID temperature control enables accurate control of material pipe temperature

Alloy material with anti-wear and corrosion resistance can be selected for pipe screw

There are three kinds of screw for customers to choose, the screw length / diameter ratio is 20:1 (standard)

Double cylinder injection mechanism, made of high strength mihanna cast iron, strong and powerful

Six stage injection, six stage pressure maintaining and three stage feeding back pressure control

The injection system can be rotated to facilitate the maintenance of screw and tube

The screw can be released before or after feeding

It has the function of setting the error range of injection quantity and abnormal detection function, screw automatic release and automatic cleaning pipe function

It can save 10% – 20% electricity and reduce the ambient temperature of the workshop

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Mold locking system:

This series of injection molding machines with crankshaft structure are used for plastic injection products with precise electronic and high firing rate

The formwork and large column are designed by CAE analysis, with strong rigidity and minimum deformation

Adjustable low-pressure mold protection device, accurate and high protection sensitivity, can avoid foreign body damage to the mold

The mould fixing hole, thimble hole and mould positioning ring on the template are all made according to international standards (EUROMAP, JISSPI)

It adopts inclined plate optical positioning ruler, which has long service life and fast switch, and is not easy to be damaged

The stroke, demoulding force, jacking speed and ejection speed can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure ejector, and the demoulding times can also be preset

Triple safety protection device for electric hydraulic machinery

Automatic mold adjustment system can achieve high and low pressure automatic setting of mold closing

Four movable safety doors with large visual range and easy maintenance

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Hydraulic mechanical hardware system:

Under ideal conditions, it can save energy by 40% compared with variable displacement pump system and 70% compared with quantitative pump system, which can effectively save energy cost.

It adopts LCD full color screen microcomputer made in Taiwan, with a reaction speed of 2.0ms and excellent stability

The pump and valve parts imported from Japan are adopted, the reaction speed is as high as 20Hz and the service life is long

The screw material pipe group made in Taiwan can be customized according to the product requirements of customers

Oil seals made in Japan and Germany are used to ensure stable molding without oil leakage

The pressure of each molding stage and the back pressure of feeding can be read directly by the pressure gauge

It adopts closed loop oil pressure system design, equipped with PQS high-speed servo valve, flow reaction time of 35m / s, pressure reproducibility of less than 0.5%, suitable for high-precision injection products (this servo valve can be optional).

The servo power unit has closed-loop control, good stability and precision, which is two levels higher than the original pressure flow proportional valve

The system pressure and flow feedback control greatly improves the stability of the oil pressure system.

High flow logic pressure relief valve reduces the loss in the pipeline, with obvious switching and good low pressure effect.

The automatic alarm feedback device can set the oiling mode according to the actual lubrication requirements. In case of oil leakage or insufficient pressure in the oil pipe, the alarm will be displayed automatically to remind the operator to check the pipeline, effectively protect the lubrication function of the crank hand, and extend the service life of the crank hand (the full-automatic yellow oil lubrication system of the crank hand can be optional).

Removable oil tank for easy maintenance and repair

Prolong the service life of pump, motor and hydraulic oil by more than one time

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Q & A

Q: how long is the machine warranty

A: our machine is guaranteed for one year

Q: has your Used Horizontal injection machine been redecorated?

A: our machines were repainted, vulnerable parts were replaced, the hydraulic system was cleaned, and the electrical control system was repaired,

A: When will you have a machine?

A: our warehouse has about 200-300 used plastic injection machines every day,

Q: can I go to your warehouse at any time to check the Used Horizontal injection machine ?

A: Yes, we always welcome friends from all over the world to visit our warehouse

Q: will you provide transportation service when you buy your machine?

A: Yes, we will transport the used plastic registration machines to the port designated by our customers

What is your packing?

A: we can provide any package according to customer’s request


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