condenser Core builder

Core builder  for aluminum radiator condenser Intercooler Oil cooler

Place of production :china

Technical parameters

Artifacts core high:320mm-920mm

Artifacts core width:800mm

Number of tubes:Single row( ) Double row( )Optional

Equi pment power supply  220V  50Hz

Compressed air    0.4Mpa↑




radiator and condenser core builder china factory

Equipment advantages:

1. It can be realized that one person can operate multiple fin forming machines at the same time by using fin collector instead of manual collecting fin, which can effectively reduce the cost

2. The fins collected by the fin collector can avoid the phenomenon of uneven fin pitch, oil and foreign matters adhesion caused by excessive contact of operators, so as to ensure the appearance quality of products after welding

3. The equipment adopts man-machine interface, which is easy to operate and easy to change