Progressive die for fin of heat exchanger

fins Progressive die for make Heat exchanger

Place of production :china

Stamping force:1.2 T

Row number:12

Hole size: Custom



Progressive die for fin of heat exchanger

Technical parameters of fins

1. Name: fin stamping die

2. Model: Φ 8.35 × 12R

3. Number of columns: 12R

4. Inter column cut-off: each column can be cut off quickly and arbitrarily. A kind of

5. Fin material: aluminum foil t = 0.12-0.15mm

6. Flanging height: 1.8mm (0-0.1mm)

7. Quantity: 1 set

8 stamping speed: 120-250 times/

The single die repair can guarantee 20 million punching times, the knife edge can be repaired 10 times, and the total service life of the mold is 15 years.

Punching and flanging → straightening, edge cutting → longitudinal cutting → feeding → cross cutting

Air conditioning fin mold, high flanging fin mold, automotive air conditioning fin mold, industrial heat exchanger fin mold, refrigerator fin mold, special purpose heat exchanger fin mold,

This kind of fin mold is suitable for household air conditioner, central air conditioner, automobile air conditioner, industrial heat exchanger, dehumidifier, industrial radiator, etc.

It is suitable for aluminum foil of different states and thicknesses, and can be customized. The specifications for copper tube are: 5,6,7,7.94,8.9,9,9.52,12.7,15.88, etc

All steel materials are imported from Japan or Sweden, and the cutting edge material is made of powder high speed steel asp30

The mould is easy to maintain and use, and the interchangeability of parts is excellent. All standard parts such as guide post, guide sleeve, spring and screw are imported products