High efficiency finned tube heat exchanger

The heat exchange tube is composed of inner tube and fin. The inner tube and fin are made by integral binding. The outer surface of the inner tube radiates along the radial direction, and there are many fins evenly distributed.

Each fin extends along the radial direction of the inner tube in a straight line. The inner tube carries liquid and the outer surface of the fin moves gas.

Multiple longitudinal finned tubes are connected into a group. by a small main pipe, and a plurality of small main pipes are connected into a whole with a large main pipe.

The cooling or heating gas flows along the longitudinal finned tube, and the gas passage is axial straight through and parallel to the flow path of heat exchange medium water.

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heat exchange tube Achievements appraisal

The results show that the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum longitudinal finned tube can reach 45W / m2,

the heat transfer coefficient of graphite longitudinal finned tube can reach 50W / m2, the gas side resistance is 400pa,

and the maximum application temperature is 250 ℃. It is suitable for gas and solid waste heat recovery, and the utilization rate of waste heat is 20%.


Applicable industries

It is used for high temperature flue gas of industrial fuel oil .  gas and coal-fired boiler . sulfur dioxide high-temperature gas of sulfuric acid industry,

high-temperature gas of synthetic ammonia industry, kiln tail gas of cement industry. flue gas of glass furnace, hot air in shaping,

sizing and drying process of textile industry, waste gas of ceramic kiln, waste gas of metallurgical industry.  various heat treatment objects . 

cement clinker, sintering products and high-temperature slag The waste heat resources are widely used.

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