Diesel engine radiator

3 maintenance methods for radiator of diesel generator set

1: Ensure that there is no air in the engine radiator. The engine radiator should not be in the condition of partial water discharge, because it will accelerate the corrosion.

For the generator set that is not used for a long time, the water should be drained or filled,

distilled water or natural soft water should be used, and antirust agent should be added.

2: Note that the coolant in the radiator is usually hot and pressurized. Do not clean the radiator or remove the pipe when it is not cooled. Do not operate the radiator or open the fan maintenance cover when the fan is rolling.

3: When cleaning the outside, pay attention that the slot of radiator can be blocked by debris, insects, etc., which will affect the power of radiator.

These light deposits can be frequently cleaned with low-pressure hot water and detergent spray, which can eject steam or water from the front of the radiator into the fan.

If it erupts from the opposite direction, it will only push the dirt into the middle. When this method is used, a cloth should be used to block the generator set.


Maintenance of diesel engine radiator in winter

1. Choose clean soft water

Soft water usually has rain water, snow water and river water, which contains less minerals and is more suitable for engine use.

The mineral content in well water, spring water and tap water is high. When heated, these minerals are easy to deposit on the water tank wall, water jacket and water channel wall to form scale and rust,

which makes the heat dissipation capacity of the engine poor and easy to cause engine overheating.

The added water must be clean. Impurities in the water will block the water channel and aggravate the wear of pump impeller and other parts.

If hard water is used, it must be softened in advance. The softening methods usually include heating method and adding alkali liquor (caustic soda commonly used).

2. Heating water in winter

In cold winter, it is difficult to start the generator. If the generator is filled with cold water before starting, it is easy to freeze in the water chamber, and water inlet pipe of the water tank during the process of adding water or when the water is not started in time, resulting in the water can not be recycled,and even make the water tank crack.

Filling hot water, on the one hand, can improve the engine degree, easy to start.  on the other hand, it can avoid the above freezing phenomenon.

3. Change the water and clean the pipeline regularly

It is not recommended to change the cooling water frequently, because after a period of use, the minerals have been precipitated out of the cooling water.

Unless the water is very dirty and may block the pipeline and radiator, do not replace it easily. because even if the newly replaced cooling water is softened,

it still contains a certain amount of minerals, which will deposit in the water jacket and form scale.

The more water is replaced, the more the water is replaced The more minerals precipitated, the thicker the scale,

Therefore, the cooling water should be replaced regularly according to the actual situation. During replacement, the cooling pipeline should be cleaned, and the cleaning solution can be prepared with caustic soda, kerosene and water.

At the same time, maintain the drain switch, especially before winter, replace the damaged switch in time, and do not replace it with bolts, sticks, rags, etc.


Correct maintenance method of diesel engine radiator

1、 Air the radiator regularly

Radiator is very important for diesel generator, which is used to help heat dissipation of diesel generator. In many cases, it may cause corrosion to radiator and affect its normal use. Corrosion can be said to be the main cause of radiator failure,

because in the process of use, the air in the water will accelerate the corrosion process. Therefore, we should always keep the pipe joints from leaking,

and regularly add water to discharge air from the top of the radiator to keep the system “airless”

2、 Prevent radiator from corrosion

The radiator should not be partially filled with water because it will accelerate the corrosion. For the generator set that does not work, the water should be completely drained or filled up. If possible, use distilled water or natural soft water, and add appropriate amount of antirust agent.

3、 Precautions for radiator operation

The coolant of diesel generator radiator is usually very hot and pressurized. Do not clean the radiator or remove the pipe when it is not cooled. Do not work on the radiator or open the fan protection cover when the fan is running.

4、 Keep the outside of the radiator clean

External cleaning: in a dusty or dirty environment, the gap of the radiator may be blocked by debris, insects, etc., which will affect the efficiency of the radiator.

Regular cleaning of these light deposits can be done with low-pressure hot water plus detergent spray to spray steam or water from the front of the radiator to the fan.

Spraying from the opposite direction will only bring the dirt close to the center. When using this method, cover the diesel engine and alternator with cloth.

5、 Sediment removal from radiator

If stubborn deposits cannot be removed in the above way, the radiator can be removed and soaked in hot alkaline water for about 20 minutes, and then washed with hot water.

If the hard water filling method is used for a period of time because of the leakage of the joint,

or because the diesel generator has been running for a period of time without using rust remover, the cooling system may be blocked by scale.

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