comprehend automobile cooling system radiator

comprehend automobile cooling system radiator

The radiator belongs to the automobile cooling system. The radiator in the engine water cooling system consists of three parts: water inlet chamber, water outlet chamber, main plate and radiator core.


The coolant flows in the radiator core and the air flows outside the radiator core. The hot coolant cools because it dissipates heat to the air, and the cold air heats up because it absorbs the heat from the coolant. Therefore, the radiator is a heat exchanger.

copper radiator

Installation method

The radiator is divided into three installation methods, i.e. the same side in, the same side out, the different side in, the different side out,

and the bottom in and down out. No matter which method can be adopted, the number of pipe fittings should be reduced as much as possible. The more pipe fittings are, the higher the cost and the more hidden dangers.


There are mainly two kinds of automobile radiator: aluminum and copper. The former is used for general passenger cars, and the latter is used for large commercial vehicles

copper radiator

If the hose of engine radiator is used for a long time, it will be aged and easy to break. Water can easily enter the radiator.

When the hose is broken during driving, the high-temperature water splashed out will form a large mass of water vapor which will be ejected from the engine cover.

In case of this phenomenon, you should immediately choose a safe place to stop and then take emergency measures to solve the problem.

cooling system radiator

In general, when the radiator is filled with water, the joint of the hose is most likely to have cracks and water leakage. At this time, the damaged part can be cut off with scissors,

and then the hose can be re inserted into the radiator water inlet connector and clamped with clip or iron wire.

If the crack is in the middle of the hose, you can use adhesive tape to wrap up the water leakage crack. Wipe the hose clean before wrapping.

After the water leakage part is dry, wrap the adhesive tape around the water leakage part of the hose. Since the water pressure in the hose is high when the engine is working,

the adhesive tape should be wrapped tightly as far as possible. If you don’t have adhesive tape on hand, you can wrap plastic paper around the crack first, and then cut the old cloth into strips and wrap it on the hose.

aluminum radiator

Sometimes there is a big crack in the hose, and water leakage may still occur after binding. At this time, the water tank cover can be opened to reduce the pressure in the water channel and reduce the leakage.

After taking the above measures, the engine speed should not be too fast, and the engine should be driven at a high level as far as possible. During driving,

the pointer position of the water temperature gauge should be paid attention to. If the water temperature is too high, stop to cool down or supplement cooling water.

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