Shoe making technology

0312月 2018

EVA injection moulding machine is a kind of thermoplastic moulding equipment that plasticizes solid plastics, then injects it into the closed mould cavity at a certain pressure and speed with the help of screw. After curing and setting, the product is obtained.

Injection moulding machine is generally composed of injection device, clamping device, frame, gearbox, hydraulic and electrical system and other major components. In the process of injection moulding, the injection moulding machine has not only the rotational, linear and spiral movement of mechanical equipment, but also the kinetic energy transfer of hydraulic equipment, as well as the thermal energy conversion of electric heating device, which puts forward more requirements for lubrication work.

0212月 2018

For some people with foot diseases such as sweaty feet, beriberi and stench, it will not only bring embarrassment, but also cause cross infection when sharing slippers, which is very harmful to health and environment, and will become more and more inferior. How can we improve this phenomenon?

Choose the TPU sole machine to help you avoid embarrassing situations easily. Using the TPU sole machine, it can clean the sole and side mud or dust automatically in a few seconds, ensure that your shoes are spotless, completely solve the trouble of spare pairs of slippers, and avoid the embarrassment of taking off shoes.

0212月 2018

1. Why use PU as sole?

PU sole has the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation, oil resistance, flexibility resistance, high resilience and wear resistance. The wear resistance of PU sole is more than 6 times higher than that of rubber, and the density and hardness of PU sole can be adjusted in a wide range to make comfortable elastic sole.

2. What are the aspects of PU sole solution?

The sole solution generally includes three components: A, B and C. Component A is mainly a mixture of polyester polyols, foaming agents, chain extenders and homogenizers. Among them, polyester polyols are generally EDA2000 more, foaming agent depends on the foaming rate (low density or high density)

0212月 2018

Shoe sole injection moulding machine is often a kind of machine which operates rapidly and high temperature under high pressure. Although the operation of this machine does not need too much manual work, but if the personal safety accidents caused by carelessness are often irreparable, it is absolutely necessary to use safety codes in the construction.

So in order to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the disaster, sole injection molding machine operators should pay attention to the fabrication of what aspects of the problem? Changheng Shoe sole Injection Molding Machine Factory and your detailed explanation.