What equipment is needed for car radiator repair

The above categories and maintenance methods can be classified strictly, but they can be basically classified as follows:

1. Maintenance and cleaning equipment

2. Detection and analysis equipment

3. Automotive diagnostic equipment

4. Sheet metal painting equipment

5. Maintenance supplies

6. Mechanical equipment

7. Tire equipment

8. Maintenance tools

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Maintenance and cleaning equipment mainly includes automatic gearbox cleaning and oil changing machine, power steering oil changing machine, polishing machine, waxing machine, vacuum cleaner suction machine, butter filling machine, refrigerant recovery and filling machine, oil nozzle cleaning and testing equipment, etc.

Detection and analysis equipment, mainly including leak detector, oscilloscope, test bench, test bench, brake table, analyzer, endoscope, sensor, detection line, locator, detector, smoke meter and other detection equipment.

Automobile diagnosis equipment mainly includes data stream analysis, special computer, automobile decoder, code reading card, etc.

Sheet metal paint baking equipment, mainly including paint lamp, paint mixing room, beam correction, paint baking room, ground Bagua, spray gun, etc.

Tire equipment, mainly refers to nitrogen filling machine, tire repair machine, balancing machine, tire removal machine, etc.

aluminum radiator

Maintenance supplies mainly include repair paint, glass water, repair agent, car glaze, sealant, atomic ash, antirust agent, water tank, car wax, refrigerant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricating oil, repair agent, car glaze, refrigerant, automobile cleaning agent, tire polish, automobile adhesive and other maintenance supplies. From the broad sense of automobile maintenance equipment, automobile maintenance supplies can also be summarized as automobile maintenance equipment.

Mechanical equipment, there are also some automobile maintenance equipment inconvenient classification, in line with the mechanical equipment properties, especially summed up in this category, such as Jack, crane, lift, crane, etc.

Maintenance tools mainly refer to all kinds of maintenance tools used for manual operation, such as sets, tool carts, tool boxes, spanners, screwdrivers, worktables, etc.

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