Function and working principle of car condenser

Function and working principle of car condenser

car condenser is a part of the refrigeration system, belonging to a kind of heat exchanger. It can change gas or steam into liquid.  and transfer heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast way.

The function of car condenser is to heat and cool the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor, so that it condenses into liquid high-pressure refrigerant. It can cool and liquefy the high pressure and high temperature refrigerant (gaseous refrigerant) sent from the compressor.

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The working principle of car condenser: the refrigerant enters the evaporator, the pressure decreases, and changes from high-pressure gas to low-pressure gas.

This process needs to absorb heat, so the surface temperature of evaporator is very low, and then through the fan, the cold air can be blown out. Then it vaporizes through capillary tube and evaporates in evaporator.


The condenser and evaporator in automobile air conditioner are called heat exchanger. The performance of heat exchanger directly affects the refrigeration performance of automobile air conditioner. Its metal material consumption is large, its volume is large,

and its mass accounts for 50% – 70% of the total mass of the whole automobile air conditioning device.

The space it occupies directly affects the effective volume of the vehicle, so it is very difficult to arrange it. Therefore, it is very important to use efficient heat exchanger.

The condensers and evaporators in auto air-cooning devices should match with the compressor,

and should also adapt to the throttling expansion mechanism.

The working state of condenser and evaporator directly affects the capacity of refrigeration system (cooling capacity),

compressor power consumption and the economy of the whole air conditioning device.

The condenser is generally located in the front of the car, which makes it easy to adhere to various dust and sundries leaking into the gap of the engine hood.

For example, willow catkins in spring, attached to the condenser will lead to poor heat dissipation, directly leading to the air conditioning is not cool, so it should be cleaned regularly.

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