PVC injection shoe Sole mold

PVC injection shoe Sole mold

  • Model: CHM-P22
  • material: Iron/aluminum
  • size: Customized
  • delivery period: 15 days

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Our shoe moulds

Including EVA PVC PU PCU TPR, one color and two color shoe and Sole moulds
Shoe Injection Mold and Shoe Irrigation Mold, Cool Shoe Mould, Sports Shoe Mould ,Jazz Shoes and Shoes Mould ,PU casual shoes mold ,PU suction mold ,PVC blowing mold, And shoe moulds with more heels . We can customize any type of shoe mould according to the customer’s requirements.

Buyer Product Information Provides:

(1) Please provide the machine brand you are using.
(2) Please confirm that the product design you want to produce must provide samples or product 3D drawings.
(3) Please confirm the relevant product die materials, product materials and product dimensions.

Other instructions

Mould Name: Monochromatic Rubber sole Mould
Die material: Iron/aluminum
Mold delivery time: about 15 days after order confirmation
Die life: more than 1’500’000 shots
Die Design: 2D, 3D, CAM Drawing
Equipment and tools: CNC numerical control, fine engraving machine, wire cutting, deep hole drilling, drilling machine, numerical control milling, engraving, piercing, electric spark, lathe, grinder, milling machine, clamping machine, polishing.
Mold surface treatment: electroplating or Teflon according to customer’s requirements (additional cost)
Logistics: Logistics is designated by customers.
Payment method: customers pay 30% of the mold payment after confirming the order, and 70% of the mold payment before shipment.
After-sales service: The quality problems of the mould caused by our reasons will be repaired by us free of charge.
Price: Because the mould is a special product, according to the customer’s sample and requirements, the price of the mould is not fixed. The more detailed the data provided by customers, the more accurate the quotation of the mould will be.

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