Nitrogen protection brazing furnace

Nitrogen protection brazing furnace

  • Nitrogen protection brazing furnace
  • Radiator brazing furnace

Model: CH1000-Y
Power: 580KW
Voltage: 380V
Weight: 30 T


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Nitrogen protection brazing furnace Main uses:

Controllable atmosphere aluminium brazing furnace system is mainly used for continuous brazing of aluminium water tank, oil cooler, intercooler, warm air, tube-belt condenser, evaporator, parallel flow condenser, cascade evaporator and power station air cooler in nitrogen atmosphere.

Nitrogen protection brazing furnace Characteristic

High-performance refractories are used to ensure superior heat preservation performance of the furnace and low no-load loss of the equipment. The design and manufacture of brazing furnace protective atmosphere distribution system and air-tight protective curtain are fine to ensure low consumption of high-purity nitrogen, which makes the whole equipment energy-saving and gas-saving, and reduces the production and operation costs of users.

Fine and reasonable heating furnace zoning, high-precision advanced temperature control instrument hardware selection and software parameter adjustment make the furnace temperature control accuracy extremely high (+0.2 C), brazing zone (575 ~610 C) product temperature difference (<3 C);

Brazing furnace factory

Brazing furnace factory

The advanced control system of frequency conversion and speed regulation conveyor belt makes the workpiece realize stepless speed change transmission, precisely controls the running time of workpiece in each heating zone, and ensures the accurate realization of the heating curve of aluminium brazing.

High precision oxygen analyzer is used to provide advanced means for real-time and accurate measurement of atmosphere in aluminium brazing furnace.

The spraying device is simple in design and easy to use. The nozzle ensures that the brazing flux is sprayed sufficiently and evenly, and the air blowing ensures that the excess flux sprayed on the brazing workpiece is blown clean.

The drying furnace has large heating capacity and high circulating air speed in the furnace, which ensures that the workpiece entering the brazing furnace does not have any moisture that endangers the brazing quality.

The water-cooled zone of brazing furnace ensures that the cooling temperature of the brazing process can be controlled, meets the requirements of the process curve, and ensures the fine and compact metallographic structure of the brazing seam of the workpiece.

The air-cooled chamber blower has strong air-cooling ability, small vibration, low noise, and can maximize the protection of clean and comfortable working environment for operators.

Advanced and perfect control system realizes the integration and intellectualization of production line, control, warning and protection system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of production line.

Model Mesh width


working space


Equine fluoride length




Nitrogen content


Cooling water



CH800 800 700×200 8150 530 50



CH1000 1000 900×200 10000 730 60



CH1000 1000 900×200 17400 850 80



CH1200 1200 1100×200 11850 780 70


5 CH1300 1300 1200×200 13700 830 80


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Nitrogen protection brazing furnace

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